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April 03 2016


LLang Skin Care Launched Official US Website Now


Korean cosmetics company LLang the industry child company of KGC (Cheong Kwan Jang - Most widely known with their red ginseng products) comes to all of us www.llangus.com

6-year-old red ginseng
LLang, the first red ginseng cosmetics launched in 2011, provides Redgin Science as a solution for women's skin problems in dullness and imbalance that are caused by daily stress, environmental pollution, and excessive external irritation.

Every one of LLang's products contain 6-year-old red ginseng and oriental medicinal herbs which are guaranteed by Korea Ginseng Corp. This mark ensures that the item uses safe, traditional ingredients given by Korea Ginseng Corp. and passed a complete quality test.

Park Bogum(Reply 1988) is official CF style of LLang cosmetics.
Buy LLang natural skin care products at www.llangus.com

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